Why our app is different from the others

  • Key Aspects:

  • AI-driven Expressive Speech
  • Share Faces
  • Voice Messaging
  • Gender Recognition
  • Infinite Variety
  • Face Mating
  • Face Modding
  • Frequent Updates

What is Face Fries?

Face Fries turns photos of faces into realistic, 3D animated avatars. Talk through them, “mod” them (e.g., aging, zombie, …), collect, and post them anywhere via our cloud. Even mate any two faces, (e.g., you with a celebrity) to make a total new 3D talking character. Express yourself today!

Creating an avatar is as easy as choosing a photo with a face. Our unique technology automates the whole process and creates incredibly realistic 3D faces from almost any portrait, selfie, or group photo. Using on-board analysis and cutting edge model-mapping our feature-by-feature system will generate countless avatars from a single face and an almost infinite variety when two faces are 'mated' together.

Once created, an avatar can be saved, used as-is, or modified with simple tools and numerous 'mods'. Mods affect appearance, voice, and behavior, allowing the ai-driven avatar to emote. Our 'talk back' feature let's you record and share any message with your custom avatar. It can pout your thoughts, scream a rant, tell a joke... you name it. The implications can be hilarious!

Using Face Fries offers an entirely new way to express online. We encourage you to give it a try.

Check out our featured fries in our video gallery >>